Since 1985, she has been talking at international conferences in the United States, Europe and South America. In Brasil, she has also organized 22 International Conferences on Metaphysics, Peace Concerts, Earth Day and many workshops with speakers from abroad.

She hosts 2 pre-recorded half hour TV Shows every week and 5 one hour LIVE radio shows a week from Monday to Friday. She has written some books for adults and children, poems, cards of Inspiration and has released Meditation cd´s.

In 1987, she was a volunteer for 7 months at the Hay House, Louise Hay Institute in Los Angeles on healings for cancer and aids patients. In 1989, she was a volunteer at the Spiritual Healing Center in San Francisco of the late Rev. Joseph Martinez for 1 year.

In Brazil, she leads Global Meditations for Peace and Healing every Thursday night at 8 P.M. for 22 years when she channels the Masters of the Great White Brotherhood.

On September 28, 2003, there was a PEACE POLE CEREMONY held at her Healing Center in São Paulo, Brasil : PAX – the celebration was held by Barbara Wolf ( Global Meditation Network ), Margaret Fikioris and Native American Grandmother Silver Star.

At PAX Spiritual Healing Center 25 FREE activities are offered a week, people are asked to bring 1 kilo of beans, rice or pasta ; or used clothes that are distributed on the same week to 7 Institutions helped by PAX, with homeless, aids children and grown ups, and old people.

Carmen´s work is all for FREE, she doesn´t charge for her talks and she doesn´t do individual sessions. She is guided by Master Saint Germain and other Masters of the Great White Brotherhood, organizing Ecumenical events for Global Peace.

Carmen has been teaching A COURSE IN MIRACLES since 1995 at PAX center and at many other capitals of Brasil.

On February 14th, 1988, while visiting Mount Shasta, Carmen saw Master Saint Germain who asked her to organize the First Conference on Metaphysics during the Wesak weekend in Brasil, as it was snowing and very cold, He asked her to get out from the house and go to the street where she could see the Mountain – so, above the Mountain, she saw the Temple of Light that she is used to visit in her dreamtime since she was a child to meet Master Saint Germain for teachings and talks, and found out that the special and familiar place, was located geographically on top of Mount Shasta, California. Since that day, Mount Shasta became a very precious and sacred place for her and she was born for her real life on Mother Earth.

Carmen´s activities followed a very accelerated rhythm, with discipline and surrender. She is in perfect alignment with the Masters of Light and her “normal life” is the Service to Humankind, as a channel of Master Saint Germain and the Masters of the Great White Brotherhood.

In 1988, Carmen founded PAX TOUR, and has led since then over 500 people to sacred sites of the planet for individual and planetary healing such as : Egypt ( 7 groups ), India ( 2 groups ), Mount Shasta (18 groups in 16 years ), Hawaii, Macchu Picchu – Peru ( 17 groups ), Mexico ( 6 groups ), Canada ( 2 groups ), Marrocos, Greece ( 4 groups ), Israel ( 2 groups ), France, Chile and Easter Island, England ( Stonehedge - 2 groups ) and sacred sites in Brasil.

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PAX : means PEACE in latin – it is a Metaphysical Organization that exists for 22 years to gather people to meditate for Universal Peace and Healing, with the objective of awakening people´s counsciouness for the Third Millenium.

25 FREE activities are offered every week : Healings, Talks, Ceremonies, Meditations and Rituals. We usually have foreign invited speakers since 1990 from other countries to share their knowledge and work at PAX Center all year round.

In March 1997 we opened the LABIRINTH – first one in South America, a replica of the Labirinth of Chartres, France and San Francisco, California.

Carmen Balhestero, founder of FRATERNIDADE PAX UNIVERSAL in 1985, a non-profit, The Spiritualist precursor and pioneer of Metaphysics in Brazil, know more about this woman who lives in the service of spirituality, Brasil, was the pioneer in South America in organizing Metaphysical Conferences, the first one was during WESAK FESTIVAL in May 1988.

Carmen is a psychic and medium and has been in touch with the Masters of the Great White Brotherhood since her childhood.